How to play slots with a small bankroll

How to play slots with a small bankroll

If you have a rather limited slots budget, it is important to know how to spend it in order to make it last longer. When you play slot games, you might get caught up in the excitement and easily forget that you have to watch your bankroll, which might be over before you have even started having fun. Therefore, it is a good idea to take notice of some of the strategies that can help you enjoy yourself longer with smaller amounts of money, provided that you are not lucky enough to win.

Obviously, if you have decided to play slot games with a small bankroll, it makes much more sense to play in an online casino rather than in a land-based venue. It is a fact that the payout rates are much better online and you will not have any additional expenses related to visiting a land-based venue. Also, if you play in an Internet casino for the first time, chances are that you are also going to receive a welcome bonus to last you longer. With or without a bonus, however, you should stick to a responsible betting strategy.

Perhaps the “up the steps” approach is the most popular one among slots players and table game players, who refer to it as the “Paroli” strategy. The reason why it is so common lies in its simplicity: you start with a reasonable small bet and you increase your wager only if you win. If you lose, you go back to your original small bet. With this strategy, you never increase your bet, unless you get a return.

Another very common strategy for players with a small bankroll is the one known as “play and run”. It is a perfect system to make your money last longer. With this strategy, you split the amount you have set for slots into several smaller amounts. Then, with each smaller amount you play on only one slot machine and once the amount is over, you move to the next machine. If you happen to win, you pocket what you have won, and decide how and if you are going to spend it later on. Although this system is developed for land-based casinos, it is easily applicable when you play slot games online, as instead of changing the machine, you change the game. Among the advantages of this strategy is that you can enjoy several different slot games with a relatively small amount of money.

Both the “up the steps” and the “play and run” strategy are very appropriate for players with small slot budgets. The important thing to remember about either system is to carefully think about what amount you are going to be comfortable with for a single bet.

It is possible to enjoy yourself for a reasonably long period of time if you play slot games with a small bankroll. You simply need to adopt the appropriate strategy or rather, the appropriate budget management plan and stick to it while you play.



From humble beginnings when slot machines operated using strictly mechanical components, both slot machine technology and consequently slot machine games have developed rapidly and nowadays players can find hundreds of different slot variations available in online casinos such as SuperCasino.  As the components of slots machines have changed, the industry has seen a class structure develop around casino slots and most slot machine can be categorized into one of six distinct classes in relation to their setup & how they function.

The main types of slots that you would expect to find at a casino include 3 reel slots, 5 reel slots, video slots, progressive slots as well as bonus slots which each embody unique characteristics which distinguish them from one another.

Types Of Slot Machines

In order to get a better understanding of the different types of slot machines in the market we have provided a summary of the main groupings that slots fall into both in land based and online casinos.  While slots technology is ever evolving and new games are constantly introduced, almost all slots can be classified into one of the categories listed below.

3 Reel Slots

3 Reel Slots – 3 reel slots are the most classic form of slot machines and as the name suggests these games incorporate a 3 reel structure usually with one but sometimes up to five different pay lines. 3 reel slots are very straightforward to play and the player usually bets between 1 and 5 coins per round, winning if the symbols on the pay schedule line up on one of the pay lines. 3 reel slots can be found at all land based and most online casinos with a variety of machine themes, betting limits and games offered to players.

5 Reel Slots – 5 reel slot machines are virtually the same as 3 reel slots however these machines have 2 additional reels added to the game. Betting on 5 reel slot machines usually requires 5 coins for a maximum bet and the games can be based on a number of different themes, some including both bonus rounds and special payouts. 5 reel slots are less common than 3 reel slots however can still be found at most land based casinos and some online casino sites. Generally 3 reel slots tend to be more popular since they cost less and often offer the same payouts to the player making 5 reel slots a more expensive endeavour.

wheel of fortune slots

Video Slots – Video slots are all the rage these days and unlike 3 and 5 reel slot games video slots can incorporate many different reels and pay lines depending on the setup of the game. With video slots, the game is run entirely on a computer with virtual symbols and paylines that are represented on the screen. One of the best features of video slots today are the excellent bonus rounds and themed machines that are currently in the market. These include popular slots such as Monopoly, Superman and Wheel of Fortune which are all offered in video slot format in online casinos. Generally speaking video slots are much more popular online than in live casinos, however some players do play them live since they are usually available at very low bet amounts per spin (1c – 5c per line).Continue reading

500 days of roulette

500 days of roulette

What’s the worst thing you can do when devising or buying into a betting strategy in a casino? Whether it’s roulette or any other game, the answer is always the same – counting on consistency. Especially when that consistency is about winning (not sure why you’d plan on consistently losing as a sound strategy, but hey…) I can across a betting structure that looked too good to be true, and statistically speaking, it is of course. But by examining it, it helps illustrate how unpredictable games like roulette really are, and how no betting strategy is going to be that “silver bullet” so many enthusiasts are looking for.

The theory of this roulette betting strategy revolves around making “just” two points per day profit. That’s two units, dollars, pounds or whatever measurement you want to work in, but that doesn’t mean hitting two points on the wheel, per se. The idea of this being you can double your money in 50 days with a smart win and leave strategy. And there are so many holes in this, I’m not sure I even know where to begin.

We’re led to believe that by following hits, let’s say with $100. That in just 50 days time, we’ll be lucky enough to turn that into $200. And we all can do simple math, so I’ll fast forward to 500 days time, where the total amounts to $12,800. After this mark has been reached – in only a year and a half – you can take $2,000 every 50 days and still keep your principle to use to create more winnings on a regular basis. Getting to your two points a day might happen on the first spin, or it could be after an initial play time limit is set. Wow, that’s incredible! Sign me up…oh wait.

First of all, you’re never going to have the luck of ending your session up 2 units a day that many times in a row. The game just isn’t built that way. And when that doesn’t happen, you need a contingency plan to account for your losses during any subsequent sessions. Do you spread a 10-unit loss out over the next five sessions, or do you keep playing until you’ve reach back to where you were supposed to be if you never lost before? What happens if things don’t go your way two days in a row?

This isn’t a gambling strategy so much as it is a betting structure, and a poor one at that. The majority of even seasons players will bottom out of their bankroll within two weeks in my opinion. It’s a fantasy world bet that appeals to fools and nobody else.Continue reading

Bingo Sites Provide the Gateway to Fun at Home

Bingo Sites Provide the Gateway to Fun at Home

Fun at home doesn’t have to mean sitting in front of the television. After all, when’s the last time the television even had a chance to make you money? Bingo sites help you make a little money on the side here and there. Will you win every single time? Not at all. But the chance to win is far more thrilling than a guarantee, wouldn’t you agree? Isn’t it time that you think about how you’re going to have fun without having to leave the house? As the weather gets worse, it’s time to sit and think about what you can do inside while staying comfortable.

Bingo is a great idea, and there are plenty of sites that can give you the proper gateway to fun at home. What you need to do is to look at the best sites that are going to give you the most options, the best rooms, best deposit bonuses and the best prizes. Of course, one only has so many hours in the day to look through all of the information. You might feel like with so many sites, it’ll be very difficult to find the best one. If you only had to rely on your own research, perhaps this might be true. But you don’t have to rely on just your own research and understanding. You can check out our top recommendation today: Smoothbingo.

They’re a site that gives you plenty of chances to win at playing bingo, with a lot of different variations and amazing bonuses as well. Are you sick of playing bingo offline, where you have to wait on each number to be called slowly? If so, you have to check out fast bingo rooms where the numbers practically fly out. When you really want a challenge, play fast bingo with multiple cards online. You’ll have to listen very carefully and focus in order to daub all of the numbers correctly and score a bingo. Manual bingo calling is a way to separate the hardcore bingo players from the amateurs.

You get a very supportive community around bingo, because everyone cheers you on when you win. Even if you don’t win, there are plenty of nice people that are waiting to chat with you. It can be really tough to find people that you can bond with locally, especially as the weather gets cold, wet and even icy. When road conditions aren’t the best, staying at home is truly the best decision you could make.

Check out Smoothbingo today — you won’t regret it!

Check Out 5 Awesome 3D Slot Games!

Check Out 5 Awesome 3D Slot Games!

Real money slot action just got a whole lot more fun at the online casinos these days. If you haven’t played 3D online slots, you’re really in for a treat. These are games that provide some of the best eye-candy that we’ve seen in a while. If you’re going to play a lot of slot games, you might as well make sure that you’re going to be having a good time all the way through.

Here are some great games for you to check out. These can all be played for real money, which intensifies the thrill, don’t you think?

1. Sugar pop!

This is a very sweet game, and we’re not just talking about the graphics. The theme is all about candy, and we thought that was kind of cute. There’s a lot of complexity to Sugar pop, more than meets the eye. For starters, you are actually playing different levels as you go along. There are 20 levels in all, which should give you plenty of time on this game. You could win a lot more money than you think. This is a 5×5 reel game with 50 lines. That’s right — 50 different ways for you to win money. There are special candies, free spins, reels to unlock and bonus games. This is probably one of the most interesting 3D slot games going on right now.

2. Boomanji

Do you love fireworks as much as we do? Unleash your inner pyro and check out this game. It’s a 5 reel, 10 line darling with a 100 coin limit. Considering that the max coin is $1, that means you have a $100 per spin. That could really lead to some major money! There are hidden bonuses, screen bonuses, wild cards and scatters, and lots of free spin action. Just the way we like it.

3. Aztec Treasures

This is a 5 reel, 30 line slot with plenty to offer the veteran slot player. You get nice graphics, plenty of wild cards, secret screen bonuses, and more hidden bonuses than you could imagine, and did we mention all of the wild cards? You won’t be sorry if you play this one.

4. Barbary Coast

Arr! It be time to play the pirate slots, matey! Okay, so our pirate impression falls a little flat. But you know what doesnít fall flat? An excellent game like Barbary Coast. The graphics are top notch, as it goes with 3D slots. What you’ll find when you play is a 5 reel, 30 line game with a lot of nifty features. Aside from wilds and scatters, you’ll also catch a “grog challenge” where you basically play heads or tails in a virtual drinking challenge. How cool is that?

5. The Slotfather 3D

This is one of the most beloved 3D slot games around. There’s something about the Slotfather that gets people going. Maybe it’s ingrained within us to lean towards all things gangster, but hey, why not? It’s all in good fun, as there aren’t any mobsters out to get you. The Slotfather 3D is a 5 reel, 30 line slot game with a lot of appreciate. There’s an instant win that can be activated, wild symbols, plenty of coin variants so that you can play as fast or as slowly as you want to play. There are multipliers as well, just in case you want to make more money from each spin… :)

These are the hot 3D slot games that come to mind. Did you have a favorite slot we didn’t list? If so, sound off in the comments. We’re eager to pick up new slot game sand increase the fun around here!

Save those Pennies with Bingo Bargains!

Save those Pennies with Bingo Bargains!

We bet the word bargain has caught your attention, right? We thought it might! Well, we have found the perfect bargain for you. Nights out can be a bit on the expensive side, but with online and mobile bingo games such as Mummies Bingo – they don’t even need to cost you anything as you can have a great night in.

This bingo site is fairly new on the scene, so we are giving you news hot off the press! They give their new players a £15 no deposit bonus which means you can give the brand a little test drive to see if you like what you see before deciding to make a real cash deposit.

Don’t worry though, as they have a nice reward for those of you who spend real money on their site too. On your first deposit, you will be privy to a 350% welcome bonus. This means on a deposit of £10 – you would have £45 to spend. Then there is a 250% 2nd deposit bonus and a 300% 3rd deposit bonus. There is also a 100% bonus for the taking on any future reloads. This means there’s always a reason to keep coming back.

There are more bargains coming your way folks. They have free bingo offerings as well as penny bingo where you can still win real jackpots. You know what they say – the best things in life are free. They’ve got loads more on the go! They will give you a free Amazon voucher worth £10 for every friend you refer, and there’s no limit as to how many you can send over there – so a shopping spree could definitely be on the cards.

Claim your free online bingo bonus here!

As well as this bonus there is cash back offers, big jackpots where you can win life-changing sums of cash, and some cool prizes too. If you are just testing the waters and are new to online bingo, this would be a great place to start. Not only because they will give you a generous freebie to kick things off – but also because it’s full to the brim with bingo variations, slots, casino games and scratch cards.

Who needs a night out when you can have a great night in with some fabulous roomies at Mummies Bingo?

Variations Of Poker

Variations Of Poker

Other than No Limit Texas Hold Em, there are many other forms of poker. This article is dedicated to forms of poker other than No Limit Texas Hold Em, and how to play each game.

Limit Texas Hold Em

Like No Limit Texas Hold Em, Limit Hold Em is played with players being dealt 2 cards down, 5 community cards (Flop, Turn River) and 4 betting rounds. This is where the similarities end. Limit Hold Em is played with betting limits, unlike No Limit. In Limit Hold Em, players are allowed 1 call and 3 raises, which caps the action. So if the blinds are 50/100, player 1 can only call the 100. Player 2 can raise to 200, Player 3 can reraise to 300, and Player 4 can cap the action at 400. This means player 1 has to call 300, Player 2 has to call 200, and Player 3 has to call 100.

Another major difference between No Limit and Limit is that in Limit Hold Em the betting limits change on the turn. In Limit Hold Em, when the blinds are 50/100, the minimum bet pre flop and on the flop is 100. This bet doubles on the turn and river to 200. The same 1 call and 3 raise max rule applies to all betting levels.

Some things to keep in mind when playing Limit Hold Em are try to play premium hands and don’t try to play every hand. Just because it is a limit game doesn’t mean you should chase all your draws or play any 2 cards. You’ll go broke doing so. When you have a hand, bet! By allowing players to see free cards, you’re giving them the opportunity to win the hand by catching there card.

A lot of people frown on playing Limit Hold Em because of their experiences playing in casinos. In low limit cash games at casino’s you will find a lot of loose players. They have to change their game in limit hold em tournaments because the blinds will increase regularly, making it impossible to play bad cards for a cheap price.

Pot Limit Texas Hold Em

Pot Limit Texas Hold Em is played just liked its no limit cousin, with the only difference is the maximum one can bet is the size of the pot. Lets say preflop the blinds are 50/100, and the there is 150 in the pot ( just the blinds) and player A bets the pot. In order to bet the pot, player A has to call the big blind, then bet the size of the pot. So player A’s total bet is 350, since he has to call the big blind. Lets say after the flop there is 1000 in the pot and player a wants to bet the pot. Player A only has to bet 1000 since there was no outstanding bet to call.

Pot Limit games do allow players to go all in, but the pot has to be large to enough for a player to do so. Your position really affects how you play in Pot Limit games. If you bet the pot from 1st position, the bet is small enough not to scare anyone out. But a pot sized bet from the button will usually be enough to win the pot.

poker variations

Royal Hold Em

Royal Hold Em is Texas Hold Em with a twist. Royal Hold Em is played with only 10’s, Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces. This game can be played with up to 6 players. Royal Hold Em can be played in any format, but it’s generally played as a limit game with a lot of action.


Pineapple can be played 2 different ways; Pineapple and Crazy Pineapple. Both games are played like Texas Hold Em, except all players are dealt 3 cards instead of 2. In Pineapple, players must discard one of the 3 cards they were dealt before any betting occurs. In Crazy Pineapple, players play all 3 cards to the flop. One of the players hole cards must be discarded before any betting occurs on the flop.

Both games can be played as limit, pot limit, or no limit games. Crazy Pineapple can also be played as a Hi/Lo game, meaning the best hand wins half the pot and the low hands wins half the pot. Although it’s usually not played as a money game, Pineapple is a good dealers choice game and a way to mix things up


Omaha is a community game like Texas Hold Em, with a flop, turn and river. In Omaha, players are dealt 4 cards instead of 2, and thru out the whole hand players must use 2 of their hole cards at all times. Omaha can be played as either a limit game, or as a pot limit game, which it normally is played as. Some online card rooms offer it as a no limit game, but this defeats the true game itself.

Omaha is one of the few games that a player can flop the nut straight and fold because of potentially bigger draws hitting. Lets say Player A flops the nut straight with 2 clubs on the board and bets the pot. Player B re bets the pot, and Player C re bets the pot. Player A can assume both Players B and C are on flush draws and fold his straight since if the 3rd club comes, he’s done for.

Omaha is a game where players really have to read the board, looking for flush draws, and also full houses if the board happens to pair. Hand selection is very important too, since even less hands are really playable in Omaha because of how the game works. Ideally you’d want all cards to work together is some way, like pairs with hi connectors. AAJT double suited is the best starting hand for this reason.Continue reading

Bored – Check Out Hot Casino Games at Paddy Power

Bored – Check Out Hot Casino Games at Paddy Power

Great casinos blend together a variety of components designed for maximum entertainment. You have gorgeous 3D slots, roulette, blackjack, and more waiting for you. The only thing that stops people is that they aren’t sure where to play, and they aren’t sure how everything will benefit them. Hey, you can’t blame people for thinking about value these days. Entertainment, after all, is getting more and more expensive. It seems like only yesterday someone was able to get a bargain that was actually a real deal. Nowadays, everything is so expensive that you really can’t go out the way you would like all the time. If you want a good night on the town with your mates, you’re going to pay a small fortune for the privilege.

Yet it doesn’t have to be that way at all. If you’re trying to have some fun and bust through boredom, why not take your entertainment search online? Going to a high quality casino is an experience in of itself, but who said that experience had to be offline? A lot of people assume that you have to go to an offline casino, risking traffic and crowds in the process. And while security at these offline casinos is at an all time high, there are still cases where people find themselves missing trinkets or other things that they’ve put inside purses or pockets. Why not stay home, gamble just the same, but skip the petty theft and overpriced drinks?

That’s where things get interesting: you can play hot casino games at Paddy Power. They are fully equipped with just about every slot game that you could think of. We like slots because it gives people a chance to win something, even if it’s only a little bit. There are also cool slot configurations like the 243 Ways to Win format, which literally makes paylines a thing of the past.

Casinos are always looking to give their players a top of the line experience. They do this by bringing in new games and holding tournaments. The other benefit of a hot casino is that it’s a community full of people that love to talk about gambling. If you’re dealing with not having a lot of friends that are into gambling, you need to be sure that you go online to find people that totally understand what you’re into. Playing at online casinos isn’t a weakness at all. If anything, it’s type of strength and an indicator of the type of person you are. You know how to take calculated risks, and you also know how to take charge of your own entertainment. Continue reading